Theobald Leather came about nearly by accident. In 2005, I was busily making knives and a few sheaths for them. My son had just returned from Daytona after graduating from AMI, and was working part time for Sucker Punch Sallys in Harrison, Ohio.


Custom Leather Seats

David makes every seat one at a time with meticulous precision and stunning artistry using only the best hand-held cutting, tooling, stitching, lacing, and finishing tools, and the best premium vegetable-tanned leather available.  The seats are treated and finished to bring out the natural beauty of the leather and protect them from the elements for decades of faithful service.

I am currently accepting limited orders for solo seats. Please contact through email.

New seats may be added to the "in stock" page, so check it out and let me know if you see something you want.


Thank you,