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Theobald Leather came about nearly by accident. In 2005, I was busily making knives and a few sheaths for them. My son had just returned from Daytona after graduating from AMI, and was working part time for Sucker Punch Sallys in Harrison, Ohio. When he saw the sheaths, he was determined that I make a seat for him for his bike that he was building at Sucker Punch. It took four tries but I finally had one that I was pleased with, and that my son liked also.


 It was a "King of Hearts" that reproduced his tattoo. He liked the seat enough that he took it to work and showed it to Jeff Cochran, one of the founders of Sucker Punch Sallys. Within the hour I had an order for my first seat for a bike being shown at the V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio. When I look back on that seat now, it was pretty plain.  But, it was a start. That was almost five years and nearly three hundred seats ago. 

I never intended to become a seat maker, but look where I am now! My son worked with me cutting the leather and preparing all the seat pans for the first two years.  Unfortunately, he has moved to another city and I'm on my own again.  With an average seat taking between twenty and thirty hours and a show quality seat taking upwards of 60 hours or more to complete,  I have a very enjoyable second job.

Please browse through the gallery and feel free to contact me about a custom seat for your special ride. Meanwhile, I'm hard at work on a seat for the 2010 IFoLG show to be held in St. Louis this year.


For the last five years I've been specializing in solo, springer style seats for rigid motorcycles.  I use nothing but the highest grade of materials in my seats.  The padding is closed cell neoprene that will not retain water.  It is the same padding that is used in outdoor furniture and boat seats.  The leather is always American leather tanned in the U.S.A.  All my leather is purchased from Wickett and Craig tanners.  I consider them the best in the industry.  The lacing on the other hand is imported.  It is the highest grade of chrome tanned domesticated kangaroo hide available to the leather industry.  Kangaroo is much tougher than any of the alternatives.  When I began making seats I always added some sort of tooled design on the seat back just to highlight the fact that I pay close attention to detail.  This can be something of your choosing or l will create something especially for your project.


The seats come in two levels of detail.

The basic seat has 1/2" padding and uses a herringbone pattern lace around the edge.  Construction time is approximately 40 hours.  These seats run $400.

The deluxe seat has 3/4" padding and has decorative lace and/or stitching on the seat.  The edge lacing is a basketweave pattern.  There is an additional ten to fifteen hours invested in these seats.  These seats run $500.

If you like the seat shape used on most of my seats (see the Jesus seat on this page), I can provide a West Eagle seat pan for $75.


Please feel free to use the form below to contact me about a custom seat for your bike.




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